SRT Files
SubRip Text (.SRT)
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Example: Terminator .srt , Hangover part 2 .srt . super 8 .srt , pirates of the carribean .srt , etc..

  • What are .srt files?
    • A common and very basic subtitle file format supported by most media players.

  • How do I install and play .srt files?
    • Place .srt files in the same directory as the video. (.avi)
      See your video software for subtitle playback options.

  • How can I make .srt subtitles?
    • Download SubRip to rip the subtitles from a DVD and save them as a .srt file.

  • What is SubRip?
    • A program which allows you to rip DVD subtitles and save them as an .srt file.

  • Where can I download SubRip?
    Download SubRip and create .srt files for free by clicking the link below.
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